Hey👋, I occasionally make lists and compile data using HTML, CSS, and JS.

I have a list of PlayStation games that I like, and of those I don't. There's also a list of the favorite movies close to my heart and brain. And finally, there's a list of my favorite music of the year. Neat, isn't it?

I made a website with the Solar System to scale and evaluated my meals in 2020, my meals in 2022, and the kebabs in 2023. By the way, did you know Rammstein use relatively few words in their lyrics? And that in many countries there are more mobile phones than people? I haven't spent much time on Netflix, but was crazy enough to open 500 Omni Geodes in Stardew Valley.

You may read my musings on video games and movies on Mastodon. If you understand German, you may read my notes on Batman. If you like to contact me, you may send an email to mail@thisTLD.