I ate 91 Döner in 2022. I was logging every main meal, and this is what I ate. The main meal is the principal meal of the day, not necessarily eaten in the evening (as dinner).

Döner days.

Let's start the week with a Döner! I ate most Döner on Mondays, namely on 58% of all Mondays in 2022, and the least on weekends.

Döner composition.

60.4% of all Döner were vegetarian, most of them with falafel. 39.6% of all Döner included meat.

Composition days.

This is the composition of all meals, not just Döner, per day. 37% of all meals on Sunday contained meat, while 88% of all meals on Friday were vegetarian.

Composition overall.

As mentioned in 2020, eating meat is not a good choice. Almost a quarter of all meals contained meat, more than three quarters were vegetarian.

Cooking days.

Hey, I prepared a third of all meals on Saturday by myself. Almost half of all meals on Wednesday were ready-made, mostly Japanese or Korean instant noodles.

Cooking overall.

I prepared less than 7% of all meals by myself, 24% just needed heating up, and the vast majority was instantly ready for consumption.