I ate 91 kebabs in 2022 and thought I could surpass 100 without even trying in 2023. But I was wrong. I ate 78 kebabs that year. Instead of analyzing all my main meals as before, I only logged the shops where I bought the kebab. There's a handful of shops that I visit regularly in the vincinity of my home and work place. For privacy reasons, I truncated the names.


Fly high, fall low. In hindsight, I don't know why this kebab shop leads the statistics. It was a nice walk there and the kebab was okay at first, but got worse and worse until it was no longer an option. I never visited the place again.


Hello old friend. Rediscovering a kebab shop I had been visiting for years and had temporarily taken out of the usual rotation. Looks a bit shabby, is close to the workplace and has okay-ish food. The fries are a good alternative.


My favorite place for years, until the preparation of the kebabs got sloppy. Off to the penalty box! Returned in the fall, to my complete satisfaction. Good bread, good filling, good preparation. The most expensive shop on the list.


A good choice for falafel kebabs and special sauces. The quality of the preparation depends heavily on who is behind the counter. First-class with the father and son (?), sloppy with other staff.


The kebab shop has been good for a change in recent years, but basically has no particular raison d'ĂȘtre and is therefore hardly visited any more. Okay in taste.


A new king of kebabs that instantly rose to the top in terms of quality and taste. Tested at the end of 2023 and now regularly visited in 2024. One of the best kebabs in town. Hopefully it will be spared the fate of AMI—.